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                        Protection welding wire flow chart

                        The CO2 gas protection welding wire, buries the are to bury the ine whole set production equipment

                        Rough automatic production line general arrangement

                        Rough production line:Frequency conversion velocity modulation PLC control Highest line speed

                        The essence pulls the automatic production line general arrangement

                        Essence pulls production line:Frequency conversion velocity modulation PLC control Higest line speed

                        The first step:First processes

                        The second step:Roungh

                        Widening of the former for wire-line processing,and supporting the use of coarse Rafah.

                        Handling wire:φ4-φ10mm

                        Maximum speed:2.5m/s

                        The third step:The essence pulls

                        The fourth step:Coppre-Plating

                        CO2 wire copper production line φ0.6-φ1.6

                        Copper wire submerged arc welding production lines:φ2-φ64

                        4Line-25-copper lines,applicable to 2000T-20000T output

                        Equipment Name Configuration parameters
                        630(760)630(760)Actinomyces Machine Constant tension without power
                        300-400Traction machine 4kw-7.5kw Frequency Control
                        630(760)Admission Machine 4kw Frequency Control
                        Copper groove According length plating process requirements for desigh speed,including scrub, electrolysis caustic washing,cold (hot)water-washed,electrolytic pickling,washed, activation,copper,washed,and,washed,hot water washing, drying

                        The fifth step:The essence circles

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