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                        H-Wheel Take up Machine

                        Items Unit SG-30/1150 SG-24/800
                        Wire dia mm φ1.2~2.8 φ2.3~3.0
                        Speed range mm/min 11~29 15~20
                        H-Wheel size mm 1150×780×250 800×450×600
                        Single wire tractive force kg 125 125
                        Wire span m 25 25
                        Outgoing wire Height mm 1125 850
                        Tractor power kw 5.5 4
                        Tractor dimensions mm 850×900×1250 3384×600×1210
                        Winder dimensions mm 850×1620×1250 3384×1500×1100
                        Weight kg 4500 3000

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